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Vail Honeywagon has been providing superior waste and recycling services in the Vail Valley for 40 years. We are committed to accountable, responsive, and personalized service. Our commitment to the local community and the environment is demonstrated in our sustainable waste diversion strategies and our contributions to local causes.



Recycling Update

In the spring we notified residential customers of global changes in the recycle markets and our potential need to pass our increased expenses along. As of October 1, 2018 we must institute a fee for recycle services. The attached article explains the several factors in play, we encourage you to read it.

Vail Honeywagon supports recycling 100% and the resulting diversion from our local landfill. We encourage you to continue to recycle and focus of only putting approved recyclables out for collection. If we can not deliver "clean" loads to the processor our program is in jeopardy. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

U.S. Recycling Companies Face Upheaval from China Scrap Ban


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Vail Honeywagon Recycling Tips

Vail Honeywagon Recycling Update:

Vail Honeywagon is committed to providing sustainable waste diversion services as a demonstration of our commitment to protecting the local mountain environment. Recycling is the easiest way for our customers to take advantage of Vail Honeywagon's sustainable collection options and it is important that we all do our part in understanding the local recycling processes.

Recyclable materials that Vail Honeywagon collects and transports become commodities that are sold on a worldwide market. During the last five years commodity prices have fallen dramatically and foreign markets that purchase recycled material are shrinking. This has created growing inventories of recycled materials and further devaluation of the commodity.


Vail Honeywagon Services

Residential Waste Services - Full-time and part time residents can have their trash picked up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on call. Vail Honeywagon services residential waste needs throughout the Vail Valley. Check the recycling page for more information on curb-side recycling in your neighborhood.

Construction/Demolition Roll-Off Waste Services - Remodeling? New Construction? Demolition? Vail Honeywagon has dumpsters ranging from 3 to 40 cubic yards to fit your project.

Commercial and Residential Recycling Services - these days recycling is a must and Vail Honeywagon makes it easy. Recycling programs for glass, plastic, aluminum,newspaper, office paper and cardboard are available.

Portable Restroom and Special Events Services - our newest service is portable restroom rentals. We provide clean, sanitary units for your wedding, construction site or any project with that need. Now offering Portable Restroom Services in Leadville, Colorado!

Compost and Organics Recycling - Honeywagon Organics processes organic waste collected from our commercial routes and residential drop sites to make STA certified compost.


Current customers please click your neighborhood current services and updates.

Now offering Portable Restroom Services in Leadville, Colorado!


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