Community Compost Drop Sites

Vail Honeywagon is partnering with community hosts to establish membership only located drop sites for residents who would like to participate in the compost program. This will be a subscription-based program that requires a commitment to follow composting guidelines in exchange for access to the secure drop site containers.

Materials Accepted for Composting

Materials Not Accepted for Composting

How the Program Works:

  • Participants sign up for monthly membership through Vail Honeywagon.
  • Membership fees are charged in advance on a quarterly basis.
  • Membership can be canceled or put on vacation hold at any time.
  • Each household is allocated one 5 gal bucket of waste/ week.
  • All participants are expected to read email communication.
  • All members of participating households are encouraged to attend compost trainings.

Drop Site Etiquette:

  • Kitchen scraps only in the compost drop site dumpster.
  • (Use complimentary vouchers to compost yard waste at the Honeywagon facility)
  • Remove stickers, rubber bands and packaging before composting.
  • Clean up after yourself at the community site.
  • Always lock the dumpster after dumping your organic waste.
  • Report illegal dumping or suspicious activity.

Membership Benefits:        

  • Access to a centralized organic waste dumpster.
  • Educational materials and training for the entire household.
  • Vouchers for free yard waste drop off at the Honeywagon Organics Facility.
  • Vouchers for finish compost to put on your garden every spring.

Request Membership Information

Compost Drop Site Locations

  • Avon Recycle Site – Yoder Avenue, past Home Depot 
  • Eagle Recycle Site – 1050 Chambers Avenue
  • Gypsum Garden Center – 3288 Cooley Mesa Road
  • EagleVail Community Garden – 538 Eagle Drive
  • Edwards Recycle Site – 300 Miller Ranch Road
  • Minturn Town Hall – 302 Pine Street
  • Single Tree Community Center – 1010 Berry Creek Road
  • Vail Recycle Site – 75 South Frontage Road


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