• Recycling Poses Conundrum for Waste Companies, Local Governments


    The vast majority of recyclable materials from the Roaring Fork Valley are being shipped across the Pacific Ocean. That’s according to a major area trash and recycling hauler. Recycling has been a hot topic among leaders in the Valley, as the price of collecting and trucking plastic, glass, and other materials out of the area is getting more expensive.

    "The chances of your recyclables going to China are probably in the 95% - 100% range,” says Scott Eden. He’s founder and President of Carbondale-based Mountain Waste and Recycling, the combination of the two companies Intermountain Waste & Recycling and Mountain Roll-Offs, Inc. “And there are a bunch of factors, that none of us control, that impact [sending recyclables to China]."
  • Extending the life of the landfill


    For many Pitkin County residents, the only thing more loathsome than waste is wasted space. But in recent years, local officials have warned that the lifespan of the county’s landfill is limited — not an uncommon problem for many of the nation’s communities, and indeed, globally. But it’s a problem compounded locally by sky-high property values that make the potential use of any more county land for waste disposal unrealistic. Unfortunately for county residents, the eventual closing of the landfill will greatly increase the fees they’re charged to have their trash hauled away. Pitkin County solid-waste manager Cathy Hall said the county is doing everything it can to push that endpoint for the landfill further into the future."